Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lynn Forbes Sculpture VIDEOS !

Hi all...

Well, we had a great holiday season and have been very busy putting together new programs. To get an idea, please go to our YouTube website and check out our new videos!
1. Creative Sculpture Vacations
2. Sculpting a Portrait Bust--Entertaining, Visual Dynamics


Check them out, and let us know what you think!
Ralph and Lynn

Friday, September 26, 2008

Exciting New Fall Classes

Photos in Order:

First hour of brand new student

8 month student works from live model

10 month student finishes portrait of husband

We are excited about our Fall schedule of classes--at the time of posting: 16 in all...
There are over 8 different models that we will be using in times throughout the day and on Saturdays (see http://www.sculptureschool.net/, class schedule).

What's New?

1. New Times--We've added a live model (previously clay model) to our Monday morning class; added a Thursday morning and a Thursday evening class.

2. New Topics--Skeleton, anatomy class will be on Thursday mornings; A new nude class on Thursday evenings; and a new finishing/patina class on selected Saturdays.

3. New Models--We'll be introducing them to you shortly... we now have a total of about 14 models that we use (see http://www.sculptureschool.net/, "meet our models")

4. New Poses--All classes will have new poses. Of course this won't make a difference for those working on portraits, but for all students working on a full body pose, this will present new learning opportunities and a chance to create exciting new artwork.

For anyone looking for a special day or outing, we have teamed up with many local specialty venues to create incredible experiences. The Renaissance packages involve not only lots of sculpture, but also live theater (in season), fine dining, spa treatments, wine tasting, pastry parties (week packages), and even special treats like Coldstone ice cream and special, unique gifts. Best of all, its included in one reasonable package price... no tipping, taxes, you just use our vouchers.

It makes a perfect gift, or "day out."

Lynn and I look forward to seeing everyone in class!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Packages, Packages, Packages...

Lynn and I have been busy adding special Sculpture Renaissance Experience packages to our program.
They include fine dining (rack of lamb, filet mignon, dungeness crab, creme brule... yummmmmieee).
Also we have lots of other experiences to complement a great day of sculpture instruction... including live, award-winning theater, evening entertainment with live music/outdoor firepits, spa refreshers, wine tasting, pastry parties and many other things.
For out of town guests we arrange special accomodations, all within a block or so to the beach and our studio.
Join us (see www.sculptureschool.net) or call 1-949-444-1926
Ralph and Lynn

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Camp Ends, After-School Begins...

We thought we were basically a sculpture school for adults... that is, until this past summer.

For fun, we added an afternoon Youth Summer Sculpture Camp which started out with only 22 youth-weeks taken. However, the children (age 6-14... and some older teens joined in) seemed to enjoy sculpture more than they, or we, ever would have realized. Plans were changed, word of mouth spread, and by summer's end we had a full 83 student-weeks of Summer Camp.

Parents asked what we would do for an encore.


Since we already have a full schedule of adult classes in mornings and evenings, we have added After-School workshops designed for "independent youth" to work on projects that are often started in other Lynn Forbes Sculpture classes.

Here, we assist in independent study as students are able to sculpt in a real world, working sculpture studio.

For information see our website at http://www.sculptureschool.net/

Ralph and Lynn